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At New Day Originals we are always thinking about what is best for our customers and for the planet and one of the things that troubles us is 'delivery'.

There's no such thing as 'free-delivery' (that's another blog-post altogether) in terms of cost to the customer and the use of fuels and time to get a product to it's destination, but one of the greatest things we can do is enable "Free local-delivery" - which of course we've done 👍🏻 

So why is "Free local-delivery" so cool?
(or - what's wrong with some mainstream delivery services?)

You might think that posting or sending a parcel via a courier to a location 10 miles away would go more or less straight to the address from where it was collected. Makes sense right? Except that’s not always the case. Let’s take an example of sending a parcel from central Essex to the outskirts of Essex. 

1st. Your parcel is collected from your suppler. The lovely driver and van have to roam around all day with your parcel while they collect the other outbound packages. Your parcel already racks up loads of extra miles at this first stage before anyone even get to thinking about delivery.

2nd. At the end of (what I imagine is) a very long day, the van returns to the LOCAL delivery / sorting hub (more miles added). Parcel is scanned and then loaded into the back of a massive lorry where it’ll go on a potentially very long ride to a MAJOR or central sorting hub. 

Not kidding. One such location is near Birmingham which is a good 100 miles from Essex as an example. 

At this time I am guessing our parcel has traveled about 120 miles. 

3rd. Overnight the parcels and sorted and reloaded onto more lorries. Each lorry is sent out to local hubs. In our case another 100 miles back to where it came from. Parcel travel estimate now 220 miles.

4th. All parcels now re-sorted and loaded back to a new van - could even be the same van that collected it in the first place. Driver then goes out on their round and as you know the parcel will rattle around all day with other likeminded parcels until being delivered.  

Parcel travel estimate now 240-250 miles. 

Actual distance between original and destination about 15 miles. 

So "Free local-delivery - Yay!!

"Local-delivery" to the rescue then It's the same service in that you get your stuff delivered to your door. The only difference is that you've save the fuel, time and expense of the whole "delivery network thing". I say 'only difference' when what I really mean is IT'S A HUGE difference. No really.

At New Day Originals we will GLADLY deliver your order directly to you if we can. Often it's the same of next day, just like the couriers. Sometimes it is the following day or we might even call and ask 😧 when 'you'll be in' just to make sure it's not a wasted journey for anyone.

For us we can think of it as an excuse for a jolly good for a walk or to take the bike out for an hour or two. We've even been known to take a parcel miles and miles if we are heading that way ourselves on other business or to see friends...

We see as just doing our bit.

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