Pyjamas, no dramas, with this personality gift guide

Who doesn't love a new pair of PJs for Christmas?

It's my go to gift for those 'hard to buy' for people in my life and my pyjama personality gift guide will help you make the right decision without any pyjama dramas... buying for someone else can be really tricky? See our print personas below!

Black Paradise ~ ‘The Creative’

She likes to make a statement, always wearing a pop of colour and annoyingly good at finding covetable items at markets and charity shops!  She’s the life and soul of the party and partial to a cocktail.  Her house is full of quirky objects, and she has the wardrobe to match, she’ll probably wear her pyjamas out.  She’s one of those annoying ‘morning people’.

Black Paradise

Black Paradise – ‘The Creative’  

Wears:  Pops of Colour and Standout accessories
Home: Quirky artwork found in markets / charity shops
Loves: A party!
Personality:  Bubbly, life & soul of the party
Drinks: Cocktails
Morning: Annoyingly chirpy

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Animal Kingdom, Navy ~ ‘The Classy’ friend

She always looks well put together, crisp cotton shirts are her go-to wardrobe staple.  Her house is full of taupe soft furnishings and gleaming white ceramics.  She favours Champagne over Prosecco (she’ll know the difference…). She’s a good listener and loves to talk about her travels to classy European cities.  She’s the annoying friend who looks as good at the breakfast table as she does while sipping one of those fancy fizzes.

Animal Kingdom, Navy ~ ‘The Classic’ Animal Kingdom, Navy ~ ‘The Classic’

Wears: Crisp white shirts and dainty accessories
Home: Taupe & neutrals, white china
Loves: To travel
Personality: Sophisticated & Mysterious
Drinks: Champagne (don’t try fooling her with anything else)
Morning: Looks annoyingly good without makeup

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Animal Kingdom, Red ~ ‘The Romantic’

She’s thoughtful and generous with a cracking good sense of humour.  She’s a Romantic but loves her girlfriends as much as her lovers.  A good bottle of wine – Red in Winter and Rose in Summer, is her favourite tipple.  Mornings aren’t her thing – but nothing a bright red pair of pyjamas can’t solve!

Animal Kingdom, Red ~ 'The Romantic'Animal Kingdom, Red ~ ‘The Romantic’ (loves Xmas)

Wears: On-trend pieces that highlight her curves
Home: Right now, lots of sparkly decorations
Loves: An adventure
Personality: Warm and friendly, a dreamer
Drinks: Red Wine in Winter, Rose in Summer
Morning: Not a morning person, needs coffee to get going

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Owl Print ~ ‘The Animal Lover’

She loves nothing more than long walks with lots of chat.  She’s the one who stops to talk to all the dogs (and cats).  She favours long brunches with lashings of coffee over noisy night-time bars. She loves cosy nights in with hearty bowls of comfort stews and – you guessed it – some comfy pyjamas which she will wear all day!

Black Paradise
Owl Print ~ The Animal Lover

Wears: Casual & Comfy clothing
Home: Cosy & homely (dog / cat beds feature)
Loves: Long walks, especially with the dog!
Personality: Chatty and a good listener
Drinks: Gin in Summer, Mulled Wine in Winter
Morning: Night Owl but early riser (to walk the dogs you see)
Keep shopping small folks!
Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄
Love Fin x

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