Welcome to New Day Originals 

We’re new. Original. And we believe every new day is an opportunity to grow, learn, achieve, make a difference to ourselves and others.

 So, what makes us tick? What makes us different?

Well…we can be a cheeky. But never disrespectful

We’ve been known to swear. Occasionally. But never on our clothes.

We always aim to inspire. But never take ourselves too seriously.

We understand that clothes can really make the difference to how you feel so, quality and style are at the heart of our brand.

We always do our very best to be eco-conscious. We never (knowingly) harm our precious environment or animals. (Just so you know, all our products are vegan-certified.)

We believe that we’re all as unique as the fingerprint we were born with. We never forget that.

Our designs are always thoughtful & original. We never follow the pack.

We always support local & independent talent & producers - from design, to manufacture. Then all the way to the moment you receive your little piece of New Day. We’ll never change that. Promise.

Yeah, we want to be bigger when we grow up. But we will never grow out of our values.

And that’s us.

So thanks a million for supporting our little family business and our team of extremely talented creatives & designers. We can never tell you truly how grateful we are.