The Founders

New Day Originals is a small family business founded by Dave & Finula (aka Fin).  Fin felt there was a lack of choice for women in their 40's and 50's for  sustainable, ethically made clothing that is on-trend, stylish, comfortable and affordable.  Lockdown gave the couple an opportunity to explore this further and the brand was launched 2020. 

Dave was born in Essex and Fin in Tipperary, Ireland. They met while living in Sydney in 2008 and moved back to the UK a year later.  Now 10+ years on they are proud ‘Brentwoodians’ 😃  Fin is massively passionate about fashion and style but also increasingly aware of the environment and the impact ‘fast fashion’ and our throw-away culture is having on the planet.   New Day Originals’ mission is to address the need of its customers to be stylish, comfortable and kind to the planet.  Everything is designed by Fin and ethically made using sustainable mentors and materials around the world. 

 The Story behind the brand ‘New Day Originals’

New Day Originals gets its name from Finula’s Irish roots and her name, loosely translated from Gaelic means ‘Fine New Day’.  ‘Originals’ reflects our desire to create unique and original designs that are both contemporary and unique.

Our ‘heart with wings’ icon was developed by our dear friend Chris Martin from Klive Agency in London.  We wanted a logo that would express the love, hope and positivity we want to spread but with something a little edgy (like us!) and aesthetically beautiful.  We think Chris did a stellar job and our iconic heart looks as gorgeous on our website as it does intricately embroidered onto our clothes.  Every garment has our logo carefully sewn on to the outer as well as the addition of a classy neck label giving your New Day garment a luxurious, hand-made feel.    

You can read the full detail of OUR VALUES here


We are no strangers to ‘Fast Fashion’ but we’ve become increasingly aware of the need to be more conscious of our impact on the planet. This is why we have chosen to make Sustainability and Ethically Made core values within our brand. 

Every single garment has been chosen for its eco-friendly, and sustainable ethics. That means using manufacturing processes that minimise water usage, leverage recycled and organic materials and of course fair rights for those who make the garments.  

You can read the full detail of our SUSTAINABILITY AND ETHICS values here

Sustainability is also about quality and the ability to wear a garment over and over again.  That’s why we make lots of suggestions on different ways to style your purchase and choose extremely high-quality materials, built to last.  We want to encourage the wearer to wear the garment as much as possible - that's why Fin is constantly sharing her style tips on the brand's socials.   

 Fin wearing ethical New Day Originals dresses