Sustainability and fair treatment of the people who make our clothing is at the heart of New Day Originals. 

All of our garments are made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.  We work with our suppliers to make sure the dyes, colourants or substances used during manufacturing are not harmful to the planet and comply with EU sustainability guidelines.   

We only stock garments which have been Vegan certified and no components of our clothing has used animals for fabrication or testing.  

Our sourcing process involves ensuring only factories which adhere to high standards of how employees are treated including reasonable working hours and conditions are used. 

Factories are also selected based on sustainability policies which result in the reduction of waste, energy and water usage. 

When you wear a New Day Originals garment you are assured that no human or animal was exploited in the process. 

Our packaging is all sustainably sourced and made of recycled and recyclable materials.  We would like to think you will reuse our packaging where you can, if not it is easily recycled locally. 

As a company, we live as sustainably as possible and recycle as much as we can so, if you receive your garment in ‘pre-loved packaging’, that’s us doing our part to limit waste.

We also support local artists and designers in the creation of our beautiful illustrations and designs. 

Our hope is that one day we will be able to control the manufacturing process from start to finish so, please support us so that we can grow to that level and contribute to the grow quality of life of so many individuals in our global supply chain!

Please don’t hesitate to email us if you would like to understand any element of our sustainable manufacturing process better.