Sustainability and fair treatment of the people who make our clothing is at the heart of New Day Originals. 

What the means:

  • We only use eco-friendly and natural materials where possible. This means the vast majority of our products are 100% eco cotton and sustainably made.  Where man-made components are used (such as polyester), we endeavour to use recycled materials.
  • We work with our suppliers to make sure the dyes, colourants or substances used during manufacturing are not harmful to the planet and comply with EU sustainability guidelines.
  • We ensure none of the components of our products are tested on animals or mistreat animals in any way. All of our sweatshirts and t-shirts carry the PETA and VEGAN stamp of approval.
  • We work with a number of small family businesses to create and finish our products, both in the UK and overseas.
  • When choosing trades-people and suppliers in the UK we start locally to reduce our shipping carbon footprint and also to help local skilled workers and businesses. On some occasion we literally walk our products to some of the team members who make up our local-network.
  • We also support local artists and designers in the creation of our beautiful illustrations and designs as well as local shops and markets.
  • We work with a number of small family businesses in India to source and create our cotton Kimonos and homewares. We have ‘vetted’ these companies through a series of Facetime / Virtual meetings where they show us where they manufacture our garments and products. We ask for full details of employment policies including average age, working hours, and that minimum wages set by the WTO are met. It is fair to say we know many of the people who make our garments by name ❤️
  • We will never knowingly support organisations which employ children or mistreat employees. We investigate every company we engage in our manufacturing processes.
  • When importing materials and goods from abroad we often choose to move them via Rail. It's much longer and painful watching your goods crawl across the globe 🤦🏻‍♂️ when you know you can have them within a day or so via Air. But, it's cheaper and kinder to the planet so we prefer to plan in for the extra time before shipping a product and to pass on the cost saving to our customers.
  • Our packaging is all sustainably sourced and made of recycled and recyclable materials where possible. We would like to think you will reuse our packaging where you can, if not it is easily recycled locally.
  • We have enabled 'Free-local' delivery for anyone within 5 miles of where we live and work and are often known to hand-deliver orders much further that that. Why? It's both because it is quick and convenient but also because we don't want our products traveling up and down the country on a lorry to sometimes ultimately only make a short journey. It's the sensible and kind thing to do for our customers and the planet.

As a company, we live as sustainably as possible and recycle as much as we can so, if you receive your garment in ‘pre-loved packaging’, that’s us doing our part to limit waste.

Our hope is that one day we will be able to control the manufacturing process from start to finish so, please support us so that we can grow to that level and contribute to the grow quality of life of so many individuals in our global supply chain!

We are a small company doing our very best to promote slow fashion, fair working conditions and sustainability. We don’t always get it right but we are constantly evaluating our supply chain and looking for ways to lower our footprint on the environment.

Please don’t hesitate to email us if you would like to understand any element of our sustainable manufacturing process better.

Fin and Emily wearing New Day Originals dresses